mary anne

virtual assistant


I am constantly a work in progress.

"art is a currency of hope; an expression from our souls' need to be -and to understand."

The creative challenges of digital marketing draws me to it. Its the industry of using imagination and of creating moments or opportunities that bring people into this other reality where there's a product or idea that can do some good for them- that can help our world be a better place to be in.

I hope to contribute my abilities to sharing life-changing products and ideas.

Currently available for: email marketing assistance, copy-editing, and content strategy development.


[email protected]


In 2015, I had an introduction to the digital marketing world as a social media intern for a biochemical supply company. I was soon writing and editing blogposts, publishing them to WordPress, scheduling content to post via HootSuite to their social media channels, and managing the company's Pardot email marketing tools. I was able to train new interns on how to use tools and project-managed our small 5 person team through Asana. I left the company to continue my education, and while in school, was able to pick up a few gigs: arranging a website for a laboratory, creating marketing collateral with Canva for a real estate publication company, assisting a small company use their Mailchimp email marketing, and being an assistant for Bombilla Creative, a branding & design agency whose mission is to spark change through creativity, collaboration, and community.

Helping companies promote products and ideas that can change the world in a positive way is the main reason I am in this business. I am open to assisting other endeavors. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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